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Content Development

We design concise and focused content to help your employees learn, retain and apply vital skills as quickly as is possible.

Our content design keeps in mind the realities of 21st century learning realities – the complexity of information and context, the limitations of time and the demands on the human mind.

Our learning material is easy to understand and retain with activities that generate curiosity, engage deeply and encourage the use of new knowledge and skills.

Training Packages

  • Campus to Corporate (for 60 hours of training)
  • Workplace English Skills for junior level executives (for 120 hours of training)
  • Workplace communication and behavioural excellence for middle-level executives (for …hours of training)
  • Work communication and behaviour knowledge test bank (for use as pre- training and post- training assessment and with questions ranging from the basic to the advanced)
  • Workplace English language skills test bank (with tests that cover reading, writing, listening and speaking skills)

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